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Full-Time at SACL from August 2018 – April 2020

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Investigative Forensic Audit and Risk Advisory

I worked at a consulting firm that provides world-class ethics and compliance, risk management, audit and forensic advisory services. I primarily supported local and international forensic and audit assignments at the firm by leading the digital forensics component of engagements.

Work History Assignments Conducted

Digital Forensics · Sep 2018

Adapted computer forensics skills to support a special audit of a local bank’s Financing Department to prove allegations of senior staff mismanaging company resources and violating company policies.

Digital Forensics · Nov 2018

Supported a forensic audit into a programme by conducting computer forensic analysis and visiting five (5) local implementing partners (LIPs) to uncover evidence of policy breaches and corruption.

Risk Advisory · Dec 2018

Conducted a forensic audit on two (2) LIPs alleged to have been engaging in fraudulent activities and conflicts of interest.

Digital Forensics · Jan 2019

Conducted forensic analysis on an employee’s company-issued laptop and external hard drive to determine if exfiltration of confidential data had occurred.

Risk Advisory · Jan 2019

Developed technical recommendations for a beneficiary management system to curb future irregularities based on findings from a forensic investigation on its cash transfer program.


Conducted enhanced due diligence checks on six (6) individuals for an industrial development company, an international conglomerate and global oil company, and successfully verified their identities and backgrounds to support staffing decisions by the respective clients.

Digital Forensics · Feb 2019

Conducted a forensic audit into the misuse of assets and HR policy violation by a senior executive, including planning, document and log review, computer forensic analysis and potential loss calculation.

Digital Forensics · Apr 2019

Supoorted a forensic audit into allegations of corruption and unethical HR practices by senior staff of a manufacturing partner, and adapted computer forensic procedures and human intelligence (HUMINT) gathering techniques in the field to complete the assignment.

Risk Advisory · Jun 2019

Prepared a risk register based on issues identified in a financial services provider, collaborated with the project lead to prepare a DFS risk management diagnostic report, and prepared training material covering areas including strategic, technology, and operational risks.

Digital Forensics · Nov 2019

Conducted forensic analysis on four (4) staff laptops and examined documents to support a specialised audit on a local partner on nine (9) grants received over six (6) years, consequently providing evidence on suspicion raised of fraud/embezzlement/corruption.

Digital Forensics · Dec 2019

Supported a special audit into suspected fraud in a e-voucher programme, and adapted digital forensic procedures to analyse the data in an employee’s laptop, two Android smartphones and electronic vouchers.

Due Diligence · Jan 2020

Conducted integrity due diligence checks on a telecommunications company in Eastern Africa to allow a leading telecommunications company in the region to make informed, strategic partnership decisions.

Risk Advisory · Jan 2020

Collaborated with project lead and prepared training material for a global microfinance bank covering Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) with regard to digital financial services environment.

Digital Forensics · Feb 2020

Conducted forensic acquisition and analysed the data in two (2) computers to support an investigation into allegations of embezzlement by employees of a local company that links farmers to markets.

Digital Forensics · Feb 2020

Supported a forensic investigation into stock discrepancies for a brewing company in Africa. As part of the engagement, I acquired forensic images of staff laptops, examined the data, and recovered digital evidence of doctored reports concealing the discrepancies.

Investigation · Apr 2020

Supported a forensic investigation into suspected irregularities at a regional office in Africa. As part of the assignment, I conducted document review, asset verification, and field activities to uncover funds mismanagement and asset misuse.

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